Class Information

Advanced Humanities With John Tole (Level 2 Stand Up Comedy Class)

Advanced Humanities (Level 2) The Denver Improv. Performance, Perspective, Anxiety, mining for gold in the ether, prolific production, passive income streams, simplicity, linguistics, mind control, and ultimately,( if you choose to) recompile some necessary code updates. Comedy, writing, experiments, wormholes and finally the point of all this. See you there. Can’t wait to here the laughs.


Intro To Stand Up Comedy Class:


Have you ever thought about or wanted to try stand up comedy before? Well, now’s your chance. Introducing Standing O Comedy’s Intro To Stand Up Class. The official stand up comedy class of the Denver Improv Comedy Club. Over the course of 6 weeks, our students will work to create their very own 5-minute stand up comedy set and perform their original material in a recorded showcase at the Denver Improv.



  • The Basics (Set Up – Punch, Tagging, Lingo, Delivery)
  • Content (How to generate material & funding your own voice)
  • Set Placement (Timing, Where a joke goes where and why)
  • The Business Of Stand Up (What’s next & things to avoid)


This Class Includes:

  • Five 3-Hour Classes at the Denver Improv
  • 2 personal one-on-one sessions with your Instructor
  • 1 Tech Rehearsal before your showcase
  • A taped showcase at the Denver Improv and tape review with your instructor
  • A thorough and honest introduction to the world of Stand Up Comedy