About Us

Here at Standing O Comedy, we’re emphatically committed to passionately teaching our student body every aspect of the art of stand up comedy from the seasoned perspectives of modern-day working comedians. By creating a knowledgeable and nurturing environment to help push our pupils past their limitations and creative boundaries, Standing O Comedy strives not only to educate its students in the tenants of stand up comedy alone, but also, any and all of its other real world related skill sets; including public speaking, critical thinking, performance confidence, stage presence, creative writing, professional etiquette, presentation building, and more. Through our highly structured curriculum paired with one-on-one instructor meetings, and in-class practice sessions, Standing O Comedy will support and help you turn your comedy dreams into a pragmatically viable reality. Whether you’re a veteran comedian or are just trying stand-up comedy for the very first time, Standing O Comedy is ready, willing, and able to guide you through the intimidating and daunting terrain of stand up comedy to new heights of personal growth and untapped greatness.

Our Instructors:

John Tole:


John Tole is a Denver based comedian, writer, voice actor, and beloved radio personality.

A headliner at the world famous Comedy Works, Tole’s stand up has rocked prestigious stages and festivals, including High Plains Comedy Festival, Oddball Comedy and Oddity Festival, SXSW Interactive, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Limestone Comedy Festival, and multiple Moontower Comedy Festival appearances. 

John has been featured on Sirius XM, VICE, Hits 1, Howard 100 and Howard 101, and was a contributor to The Howard Stern Show. Also, John is a regular on Deathsquad Chronicles, Steve Simeone’s Good Times and Sam Tripoli’s Tin Foil Hat Podcast on All Things Comedy.

Tole can also be heard hosting his acclaimed music and comedy radio show- Whiskey and The Surfer, Denver’s Top Iconic Rock which is a futuristic morning radio show and his Rokfin Exclusive Shows, Short Porch in Right and Iron Brigade.

Tairee Dillard:


Over the course of his career, Tairee has performed and hosted shows across the country for the likes of Damon Williams, D’lai, Karlous Miller, T.K. Kirland, and John Paul Morgan, as well as performing on showcases with JB Smoove, Scruncho, John Henton, Brandon T. Jackson, Jeff Dye, and Capone. The best and most amazing to Tairee about stand up is that it’s a medium where who you are, what you look like, or what you do doesn’t matter — all that matters is if you’re funny. Tairee loves just making people laugh and helping them forget what’s going “wrong” in their life for a moment.

Matt Wexler:


Witty, smart, and devilishly handsome, this former Minnesotan has been methodically weaving his way through the world of stand-up comedy, one laugh at a time. Highly educated in art of creative writing before ever taking the stage, Matt graduated from the University of Colorado in 2006, and the Second City of Chicago’s writing program in 2008.

Working with/for such esteemed entertainment entities including A Red Orchid Theatre, The National Lampoon, Mass Hysteria Entertainment, The Second City, and Violet Sky Productions throughout his career, Matt has also been afforded the opportunity to perform stand up at many prestigious venues. Most notably, these include Dangerfield’s (NY), The Gotham Comedy Club (NY), Comic Strip Live (NY), The Comedy Store (CA), The Hollywood Improv (CA), The Ice House (CA), The Second City Of Los Angeles (CA), and many more. Scoring nightly laughs from coast to coast, Matt’s cerebral humor and confident delivery’s not only made him a favorite amongst audiences across the country, but also, fellow comedians alike. Currently, Matt is the lead content writer for MWELIVE and a regular host at the Denver Improv.